In Progress Release Notes

Version <in development> Not released yet

Features Added

  • #103: Fantasy Grounds text/xml export.
  • #112: Tooltips for skill level calculation.
  • #113: Tooltips for spell level and weapon damage calculation.
  • #114: Preference to control how long tooltips remain on-screen.
  • #117: Feature by category for skills.
  • #118: Feature by category for spells.
  • #119: Feature by category for weapons.
  • #124: Preference for alternate damage scheme: thr = sw - 2.
  • #127: User description tooltips.
  • Implemented a new localization system that relies on external files rather than being in the code. As part of this change, I've removed the existing translations as they were woefully out of date. If you'd like to provide a translation for a language you're fluent in, copy the "template.i18n" file in the "i18n" directory next to the application and name it for your language (e.g. "de.i18n" for German), then edit its contents, updating the "v:" values to have the translation for the "k:" values. If you have questions, feel free to contact me about this.

Bugs Fixed

  • Updated to the latest pdfbox & fontbox libraries (2.0.17) to fix some issues with them that would result in PDF pages rendering as blanks.
  • Fixed usage of skills based on 10 rather than an attribute within templates. Previously, creating such a template would make it unloadable.
  • Fixed #94: Bad RSL calculation for techniques with bonuses from elsewhere.
  • Fixed #100: Knowing Your Own Strength HP pricing.
  • Fixed #122: Defaults from very high skills could result in incorrect skill levels.
  • Fixed an issue where the drag insert location was not in the correct location.

Data File Changes

  • Updated equipment with 'AmmoType:' and 'UsesAmmoType:' categories to support the Fantasy Ground export.
  • #66: Added libraries for Tactical Shooting, Thaumatology - Ritual Path Magic, and meta-traits from Ultra Tech.
  • #68: Corrections to the High Tech library.
  • #70: Added main Infinity Unlimited templates and loadouts.
  • #71: Added Low Tech shields.
  • #74: Added NPC card template for HTML output.
  • #83: Adding missing monster hunters templates.
  • ... and many more small changes to correct existing data